The Art Of The Duo

Tom Neale – Alto Sax 

Sam Watts – Piano

Rooted in Jazz and classical music but inspired by a wide range of genres, these two exciting performers explore melodic improvisation in depth through a mixture of original compositions and tunes from ‘The Great American Songbook.’
“Artistic interpretations on American songbook classics delivered in style. Tom is a true professional. An Art of the Duo concert is a must-see.”

Jody Sapsard – Kensington Concert Series

Last week we had the brilliant Tom Neale and Sam Watts in the studio tracking for a upcoming project. Their sound is somewhat interesting, being a blend of jazz/blues – reminiscent of bands such as Snarky Puppy and the likes – combined with some experimental sounds. For example, I witnessed an interesting 20mins or so of placing spoons and forks on the strings of our glorious Yamaha Grand Piano in a sort of ‘prepared piano’ fashion, creating a whole range of interesting layered harmonics. We are super excited about this release.

Resident Studios, London

The Art Of The Duo | Tom Neale