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Online Lessons

Online Lessons


It has been a challenging time for everyone during the Covid-19 pandemic and staying at home to save lives has been our number one priority. With all this ‘inside time’ on our hands, it is the perfect opportunity to develop a new skill or strengthen a current skill. I am now offering music tuition remotely and have a variety of plans to help you continue to learn your instrument and make rapid progress more so than you would have done previously.

Since April, my tuition has moved online using the platform Zoom for 1 to 1 lessons and also the Google Hangouts app, where students can send me a recording of their practice for feedback within a day. I think this a fantastic way to progress even quicker than before, as you don’t have to wait a week until your next lesson to find out hw you are doing. You can be in touch and receive free feedback in the week!

New Affordable Pricing – click to subscribe:

  1. Unlimited Text Lessons (£25 per month – Submit a recording of your practice for feedback)
  2. Unlimited Text Lessons + 2 online Zoom Lessons per month  (£60 per month)
  3. Weekly Zoom lessons (with free text lessons)
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